Monday, 17 September 2007

I, the brave adventurer, walked away from the tourist area into town and had lunch in a café packed with locals — 50p for rice and poppadom with 4 (small) curries and a drink!

Walking back, feeling like the cat who got the cream, I was soon brought down a peg or two after being persuaded to part with 800 rupees (£4) to help a bloke buy some concrete (yes, i know...) to rebuild his tsunami-destroyed house. With hindsight I think concrete was the last thing on his mind.

I ended up getting a tuc tuc inland to a jungle lagoon. From there I pootled around on a leaky dugout canoe and saw a buddhist temple, some blue jellyfish, a dirty great lizard and some bats. And now I’m off to watch Sri Lanka play Pakistan in the 20/20 world cup with the hotel crew.

No surf.


Emma said...

Oh you poor old sausage. Is there ever likely to be any surf there or are you going to get on very familiar terms with the hotel staff?

Lynton said...

Hey duuuuuuuuuude, sorry to hear the surf aint been up to much, you know how it is though - can turn on a dime in the same day. Nowt doing here any road.

Was a minging day yesterday so sat in staring out to sea and watching Michael Woods, Story of India while doing a bit of work. Just an unbelievable place and I imagine Sri Lanka must have some of the same magic if you can avoid the shrapnel. Hope the swell picks up, but glad you're managing to get out n about all the same.