Thursday, 25 October 2007

Towel Throwing

"Well, I've come to the end of the road.... " as Boyz II Men so poignantly opined.

I've been in Brisbane since Tuesday with my Brother, Sister-in-Law, 2 Nieces and Nephew–which has been great— but the majority of my time has been spent enjoying the facilities at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. I've had X-Rays, Blood Tests, The Glasgow Coma Test (though not as a result of a Glasgow kiss) CT Scans, Reflex Tests, MRI Scans (shown below)and even an anal probe.

On arrival I was upgraded from the Emergency waiting room to the Fast Track assessment room and had my case referred to the Neurological department — this still took 9 hours, straight after a 17 hour journey from Bali with little sleep. I've got to know the Emergency department pretty well since then and everyone seems genuinely concerned except me. The debate is whether to operate on my severely herniated disc to remove some of it from my spinal column or whether to leave it and hope the dangerous bit of loose disc disintegrates over time. I should be in excruciating pain with the problem I have and it's only the fact that I'm not that's keeping me from the surgeons knife. I'm seeing them again on Monday for a further assessment, but they're keen, as am I, to avoid surgery if possible.

With or without the operation I shouldn't be surfing again for a few months, in fact I can only lie or stand, no sitting, for the next few weeks at least so I'm coming home. It's a terrible shame, but it's the right thing to do. There's a chance I may never get the use of my foot back properly, but more importantly if I exacerbate the problem I could easily do much worse permanent damage.

The silver-lining is that the Neuro-doctor recommended I get my insurance people to fly me back business class to allow me to stand and lie on the flight home.


Anonymous said...

goffeyDear Ed, as R Kelly so poignantly said "I believe I can fly" and with such positive thoughts I believe you too can return to health with minimuim damage and maximum anecdotal effect. I really feel for you but am sending you only positive thought to return you safely and painlessly to blighty. See you soon love, nic x

Emma said...

Can i just point out that it was BoyzIIMen ('the end of the road"? Or is that being uncaring? :)

oh honey. its box sets all the way when you get home but louis will look after you, as will i, of course. love u x 1 billion.

phil said...

cant believe it mate i give you a call when you get back im a bit simple and allthis complecated stuff is getting me confused but i gewt that it is not so good lovbe phil xxxxx

sis said...

I am so very sad for you.. it is strange and terribly bad luck.... but I do believe that there is something good in it... not sure what yet... and maybe we will never know...
you sound very good and glad that big bro is looking after you and the tiddlers...
jupiter will be there with louis .. to greet you when you return and who knows what will happen next year..... and at least.... you are a bloody good graphic designer!! and writer of blogs...
perhaps a book called 'disappointment'

also have found an irish man called denis who does all the horses backs around here and apparently is greta with humans also..
we'll see

love sis

Ben and Mon said...

oh my gosh! Has been a while since we looked at what you was up to but what a bummer! Lovely that you're coming back - not for you but for us of course and for the wonderful game of PING pong as I'm sure that you will still be able to play?
B has had severe sciatic nerve probs in the past but with good physio it can get sorted - a good cocktail of anti inflammatories also does the trick in the shorties. Is that your spine? kool picture!
lots of love B & M