Saturday, 6 October 2007


I’ve been in Bali a few days now, but I’m not quite having the beach-bum existence I had planned.

The sweet intoxicating smell of incense welcomed me back as I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel in Legian. My left sciatic nerve/back/leg/foot issue was still debilitating as I tried a surf on Legian beach the following day which left me annoyed and frustrated. A cut on my toe, which I thought had healed, turned septic swelling and discharging a beautiful sherbert-yellow ooze and I discovered I had left my bank card at the airport when I withdrew cash on arrival, although lost-property yielded nothing.

After a day of wallowing in a mire of self-pity I changed my frame-of-mind and began some positive action. I, using the proverbial, was going to kick some ass.

I checked myself into a beautiful ‘boutique losmen’ down the road from the perfectly nice hotel I was staying in and have sheathed my surfboards until I sort my sciatic nerve out (pesky blighter). Antibiotics have sorted my unruly toe out and a Chiropractor has diagnosed a recurrence of an old slipped disc injury as the cause of my buttock/leg pain and semi-paralysis of my ankle. He’s cricked and crunched my back and neck around and done some pretty deep, discombobulating massage combined with some electric current therapy. I’ve got a chiropractic appointment every other day until I get the use of my ankle back, meantime I’m going to lie back and relax.

Those waves can wait just a little bit longer for me to teach them a lesson…


Emma said...

As I mentioned on the phone, the pink of your toe is the same pink of the flowers. You poor old sausage

Pundit My Arse said...

i was you hadn't bought up the word, sausage, while i was looking at that toe Emma... i may never eat one again..

sorry to hear about your injuries Ed.. but as the old sage says... when the going gets tough, the tough check into a nicer hotel..

loving the photo's.. puss seeping toe aside

Damian x

sis said...

quite - i agree whole heartedly with that You always had funny feet as a boy - but I don't remember the sculptural curve of your mid to left toe - it reminds me of a tony cragg installation . God what bad luck you are having with your back - it is so damn typical - the templeton's are cursed i think sometimes - poor you.

phil said...

focus,meditate,surf with your mind, make preperation while you rest and many new pleasures will unfold once back in the water.
chin up injured one and may you dream of barrels xx

The Beamsons said...

well edward we have just seen your parents off last night all well no toe (sausage more like kabasa) problems or back (had a great time) your mam left your itinerary so we can continue tracking, you seem to be on the mend then back to all that surf again what an opportunity pictures great.
Hi Alex and Emma hope to meet you soon. good luck edward

Emma said...

more blogs please! ed texted me yesterday to say he had been surfing and it was good, back in the bosom of dreamlands. no electricity or wi-fi or interweb so i think it will be tougher for him to update us...but less blogging may mean more fun is being had! let's hope so. we love you!
ps hello to the beamsons - i do hope so! xxxx

Mark said...

apart from the toe, back, ankle, stomach, bankcard, weather and shaggy tapes...everything else OK?

Happy Birthday for Monday!