Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Isle Exploration 290109

When travelling to far-flung places we often forget the island gems on our doorsteps. A fortnight after touching down with a bump in a grey winter-veiled England SR and I headed for the Isle of Wight for more sea-faring adventure. The interlude of the ferry crossing on the 3 hour journey from Brighton to Ventnor is enough to feel the loosening of attitudes and conventions that exotic travel brings. With a spring in our step and a song in our hearts we arrived at the lodgings of the Isle's premier celebrity entertainment couple, our hosts for the weekend.

Having surfed the Isle's perfectly groomed 4ft azure walls of water all morning, with the sun beaming down and the offshore breeze tickling the faces of the waves, teasing them to stay vertical for a moment longer we retired to a local hostelry for refreshment and recuperation. It was here that the true prominence and renown of our hosts became apparent. Immediately upon sitting down staff rushed to cordon off the area with a burgundy velvet rope to keep the hordes from spilling our cider, skulking in dark corners of the tavern paparazzi disguised as common Isle-folk were poised, ready to strike when a front-page opportunity presented itself. The attention was flattering, yet oppressive so we retired to our hosts lodge for a private dinner-dance away from the baying throng.

The following day we sought respite in a secluded folly, and then, disguised as normal, unexceptional people we took lunch in a craft-village before boarding a vessel sailing for Englands wintery snow-bound shores.

It really is the Isle of Alright.

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