Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Simple Things

I’ve been having a good time, relaxing, surfing, diving in to ‘lake me’ and whatnot but the really special moments so far have been a couple of afternoon cricket games with some boys from the village. India is cricket crazy at the moment with the multi-billion dollar IPL but the grass roots passion for the game rather than the corporate dollars are what make it so.

Shyama Kunda, Rassica, Diki and I took a stroll to the village cricket field a few days ago as the scorching sun was beginning to cool. Word got round that a foreigner was in town so some of Kolechi Kamla’s finest soon emerged and everyone agreed that I was the spitting image of Ryan Sidebottom (which I can’t see myself – I guess we look all the same).

Conjuring up the spirit of a Flintoff-esque all rounder I hit some 14 year-olds for six and bowled some un-playable in-swingers – partly due to the high moisture content in the air and partly due to the tennis ball bouncing wildly off the recently ploughed pitch – arousing cries of “bowl, bowl!” on occasion, but even that herculean performance wasn’t enough to save us from losing both matches. To be frank, the local lads were pretty darn good!

About ready to collapse in my own personal sweat-lagoon, we retired to the lagoon proper for a post match sunset bath. Walking back for dinner I was exhausted with an aching bowling arm and cut feet, but I felt a tangible sense of contentment having connected with village life in a small way.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Midfield General said...

you look just like Ryan Sidebottom...

very perceptive these kids